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More Employers Embracing Video Interviews


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More and more employers are beginning to embrace the idea of video interviews, and it’s not hard to see why. Video interviews save both employers and candidates time and money, as well as helping to avoid some common first round frustrations. It does introduce some new wrinkles into the standard interview process - as selfie skills are a lot more important than usual when conducting an interview through a smartphone - but employers are finding the benefits to outweigh the negatives.

Benefits of video interviews over physical interviews:

  • Convenience for both employer and candidate: No longer are job hunters asked to awkwardly schedule days off their current job to attend an interview, and during two-way interviews, employers can conduct the session from the comfort of their own desk. One-way interviews are even easier for hiring managers.
  • Rapid screening: Rather than waste time and energy on the first round of physical interviews, employers can rapidly screen out candidates that fail to measure up without even having them come into the office. Video interviews ensure that only the best candidates will make it to a physical interview.
  • Increase the consistency of interviews: There are a lot of factors that could affect the outcome of a physical interview. Rough traffic, a bad hair day, or even small talk derailing interview questions. A video interview helps keep the process consistent by providing some distance between the interviewer and the candidate. Especially with one-way interviews, where the interviewer only provides pre-determined questions. Additionally, employers get to keep a recording of the interview that can be reviewed later.
  • Analyzing patterns: Video recordings make it easier to compare candidates against one another, and allows employers to notice trends. Seeing a common response or question from a group of candidates? These kinds of insights may provoke employers to fine-tune their hiring process.


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